Section: User Commands (1)
Updated: August 2013
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euca-bundle-instance - Bundle an S3-backed Windows instance  


euca-bundle-instance -b BUCKET -p PREFIX -o KEY-ID [-c POLICY] [-s SIGNATURE] [-w KEY] [-x HOURS] [--show-empty-fields] [--region USER@REGION | -U URL] [-I KEY_ID] [-S KEY] [--debug] [--debugger] [--version] [-h] INSTANCE  


Bundle an S3-backed Windows instance  

positional arguments:

ID of the instance to bundle (required)

optional arguments:

-b BUCKET, --bucket BUCKET
bucket in which to store the new machine image (required)
-p PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX
beginning of the machine image bundle name (required)
-o KEY-ID, --owner-akid KEY-ID, --user-access-key KEY-ID
bucket owner's access key ID (required)
-c POLICY, --policy POLICY
Base64-encoded upload policy that allows the server to upload a bundle on your behalf. If unused, -w is required.
-s SIGNATURE, --policy-signature SIGNATURE
signature of the Base64-encoded upload policy. If unused, -w is required.
-w KEY, --owner-sak KEY, --user-secret-key KEY
bucket owner's secret access key, used to sign upload policies. This is required unless both -c and -s are used.
-x HOURS, --expires HOURS
generated upload policy expiration time (default: 24)
show empty values as "(nil)"
--region USER@REGION
name of the region and/or user in config files to use to connect to the service
-U URL, --url URL
compute service endpoint URL
-I KEY_ID, --access-key-id KEY_ID
-S KEY, --secret-key KEY
show debugging output
launch interactive debugger on error
show the program's version and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit



positional arguments:
optional arguments: